We've now seen all the new cards from Ashes of Outland, and judging by the amount of theorycraft decks the hype train is well on its way in the Wild side of the community as well. But for now, we must resist the temptation of new expansion and take a look at some decks that you can already play.

Odd Beast Druid

Let's start with the for-now alphabetically first class, Druid. Neither Beast nor Odd Druid really took off while their strongest support cards were still in Standard, but nobody's telling shaveyou that you couldn't pull that off in Wild.

Odd Quest Hunter

Let's continue with more Oddities from Dorkpork. Having your deck filled with 1-Cost minions doesn't feel so bad when you have cards like Magic Carpet to support the strategy.

Ozruk OTK Priest

Well, doomster303 sure went Wild with this one. It's all about Ozruk in this three-turn combo deck which aims to Confuse or Inner Fire the massively Health-y Taunt. If needed, Lyra can also pull a miracle out of the bag.

Quest Rogue

Sam1664's deck is definitely not your average Quest Rogue. Complete the Quest with the Pirate tokens from Bloodsail Flybooter before building an unbreakable face-healing taunt wall that keeps coming back by the courtesy of (potentially multiple copies of) N'Zoth.

Pure Paladin

While the deck has a lot of Dude Paladin elements, the top end (by Mana Cost) of the list will surely take your opponent by surprise. Brandon takes full advantage of the value generated by Lightforged cards and avenges the fallen Silver Hand Recruits with Bolvar Fordragon.

Oh Bolvar, the only GvG legendary I got from packs back in the days. I just started thinking: how was he at all related to an expansion about Goblins, Gnomes and Mechs...

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Came up with something Wild yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!