Hey everyone, Flux here.

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped us alpha test HearthStation. By the end of today, we'll be shutting the site down for some much needed additional work. Your feedback has been invaluable and will be taken into consideration as the platform continues to get updates behind the scenes.

  • Everything will be backed up and when the site relaunches in the future, will still be here.
  • I do not have an exact time of when the site will relaunch. We'll be sure to let you know when we're back in a big way.
  • The original goal was to keep the site up during all our construction, but plans have unfortunately changed.

There is a lot of things I would love to talk about right now, and I'm sure you still have many questions. One day we'll get together and talk about it all, but for now, thank you.

If you'd like to hangout on my Discord and chat with fellow Hearthstone players, you're more than welcome.

Good luck with your pack openings!