Outland - a Wild and dangerous world, seemingly filled with Demon Hunters. Some of us may have been worried that the lack of cards would handicap the class in Wild but those fears were quickly wiped out by the dominant display of Illidan in all game modes. Their lust of vengeance was so great that Blizzard had to nerf some cards already on Day 2. Nevertheless, our community members have been able to resist jumping into DH bandwagon and created awesome decks for all 10 classes for you to try out.

Aggro Demon Hunter

Techwood gets the honor of being the harbinger of doom with this Demon Hunter list. The deck seems to be a combination of the most powerful DH cards and a "hall of fame" of aggressive Neutrals. No wonder it's doing so well.

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Odd Beast Druid

As Gam3rPr0's deck is filled with big Beasts, it's useful to have cards like Imprisoned Satyr and Lunar Visions to help with the Cost issue. And if the board impact of some minions seems to slow, Rocket Augmerchant is ready to put some extra pep in their step.

Spiteful Hunter

The addition of Nagrand Slam to Hunters' arsenal meant that they're now able to go more all-in with the Spiteful strategy, as WhatAChamp has done. The Slam and Call of the Wild aren't bad targets for Grand Archivist either.

No Minion Mage

Blizzard pushed Mage to a spells-only direction this expansion, which is naturally more viable with Wild's larger card pool. Firelands Portal, a Mage staple of its time, is so outvalued by Apexis Blast in the deck that Stibium decided to omit it entirely.

Libram Handbuff Paladin

The new Paladin Librams inspired Thonson to revisit his old Handbuff list and begin to update it for Outland. If you manage to manipulate your hand well, you'll have Val'anyrs for days.

Quest Deathrattle Priest

The new Priest cards aren't perhaps the most impactful of the set in Wild, but at least Reliquary of Souls slots nicely in CrimsonRShadow's  Deathrattle Priest. Reliquary Prime can shut down aggro by itself if the opponent doesn't have an immediate answer to it.

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Deathrattle Rogue

This deck from sbergs packs the potential for some truly sticky boards. While Spiritsinger Umbra will trigger the Deathrattles you're about to play, Teron Gorefiend will do that for those you've already played and then resummon everything for one more round.

Malygos Shaman

Lady Vashj has already found her a home in Zergoras' Maly Shaman. Her spell damage can help combat early boards with Maelstrom Portal and her Prime version will act as a card draw - with an extra bonus of cost reduction.

Even Warlock

Nobody can claim stewartpid wasn't thinking big when creating this deck as a third of the cards costs 8 or more. If you can fight your way through the early turns, there will be some gi(g)antic minions to help you to turn the tide.

Fatigue Warrior

Feeling fatigued yet reading this post? If so, WhatAChamp's deck won't help as it's designed to go to the distance. Fend off your opponent's attempts at damaging you with Bulwark of Azzinoth and keep churning the Dead Man's Hand combo to fatigue your opponent out.

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Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!