An illusion! Where are you hiding? A new Hearthstone season has begun and with it comes a new card back.

This season's card back is based off of the Nightborne city of Suramar! Originally a home of the Night Elves, the city is built on ley lines (high amounts of power flowing through Azeroth) which is without a doubt the inspiration behind the blue glowing effect. Suramar was first added to World of Warcraft during the Legion expansion and it brought players great quest content, a raid tier, and dungeons.

Win 5 ranked games, obtain card back. Its that easy! Find some community created Hearthstone Decks to take you there!

Now, time for some super cool facts!

  • Some of our favourite Hearthstone characters come from Suramar! Illidan, Malfurion, Tyrande, and Maiev.
  • The flavor text for this month's card is "Something about this card is not quite right..."
  • "Something's not quite right" was one of three voicelines heard during Legion while in Suramar due to guards there seeing through your disguise.
  • "An illusion! What are you hiding?" and "Who goes there?" were the other two voice lines. To say it was a meme of Legion would be an understatement.