Ashes of Outland has been out for about a week now, and following a swift Demon Hunter nerfing we actually have a surprisingly diverse amount of decks available (sorry Paladin).

Our latest Meta Report will give you some insight into how the classes are shaping up overall in the new meta, but if you're just looking for a deck to try out for each class, we've got you covered!

Each of the decks below comes from HSReplay, and we've included direct links to the decks on their site if you want to check out their mulligan guide for it. Make sure you also check to see the latest winrate data for them - the meta is ever evolving, and what was good yesterday might not hold up tomorrow.

Demon Hunter - Tempo (HSReplay)

Despite taking some heavy nerfs shortly after it launched, Demon Hunter is still a force to be reckoned with. I wouldn't be surprised to see it get hit again in the coming weeks, but until then, have fun with this Tempo focused list.

Druid - Big (HSReplay)

Druid gained a lot of strong ramp-focused options this expansion, and - much to our chagrin - it turns out those wacky 7+ Mana Crystal cards actually have some merit to them.

Hunter - Face (HSReplay)

Ah, sometimes you just want a good ol' reliable classic. Face Hunter is a strong choice as always, with some new fun Beast and Deathrattle related cards.

Mage - No Minion (HSReplay)

Minions? Who needs those? We're proper spellcasters around these parts. As it turns out, a Firelands Portal that costs 2 less is a pretty good deal.

Paladin - Pure (HSReplay)

Oh Paladin. We had such high hopes for your fun new Libram package, and it just isn't panning out for you quite yet. This is sadly one of the best decks they have available right now. Perhaps you can come up with the metabreaking deck they have hidden away somewhere?

Priest - Resurrect (HSReplay)

Love 'em or hate 'em, these guys are here to stay - you just can't kill them! I do want to be clear that this higher winrate version of the deck did have less games played with it overall, so don't be afraid. They're not that ubiquitous.

Rogue - Galakrond Secret Highlander (HSReplay)

That's a lot of archetypes! Rogue got a very streamlined package of cards this time, with two distinct archetypes to support - Secret and Stealth. This deck borrows from both to augment last expansions favourite Rogue deck and take it to new places.

Shaman - Totem (HSReplay)

Yep, you read that right. Totem Shaman, the meme supreme, has finally found itself a Standard viable list. It's too early to say if this is actually that good or if its just catching people off-guard, but I'm just delighted that it exists at all.

Warlock - Galakrond (HSReplay)

The darling of the new meta thanks to Sacrificial Pact's helpful countering of Demon Hunters, this deck is the other one to watch for upcoming changes. It says something about how quickly they can get through their cards that they don't mind running Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and Zephrys the Great.

Warrior - Pirate (HSReplay)

Oh how the mighty fall. From one of the top classes shortly before the rotation to one struggling to find relevance in the new meta, Warrior has taken a hit. This deceptively high winrate Pirate Warrior list has the least games played of any of our decks, so take it with a pinch of salt.