It's the weekend and we're turning our eyes on the Wild side of Hearthstone by harnessing the creativity and knowledge of our community. Be sure to visit the decks for the guides that our community members have so kindly written.

Also don't forget that the fabled buff patch (yes you read it correctly, BUFF PATCH) will arrive tomorrow, June 3rd. It will also be a set rotation day for Arena, so remember to leave a run unfinished for a FREE Arena ticket in addition to the rewards from your unfinished run.

Miracle Quest Mage

Our long-time community member RavenSun has chosen to create his miracles himself, without the help of Mana Cyclones.

Deck ID Not Found

Reno Thief Rogue

A lot of stealing happening here! I can't possibly write everything you need to know here so it's just better if you visit Esparanta's guide.

Odd Evolve Shaman

We all know that Even Shaman is a good deck in Wild, but MrNightmare is convinced that Odd Shaman can also do well in high ranks.

Malygos Hunter

Ok, I lied. The last deck isn't from our users but instead from the world of Twitter, where Duwin has been tinkering with a version of Malygos Hunter.

Did you cook up something Wild-ly interesting we didn't spotlight here? Create a deck and share your creation in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!

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