Originally announced a couple of weeks ago, buffs are arriving to Hearthstone on June 3! 18 cards from The Boomsday Project are receiving changes that will make them more competitive and give us a nice meta twist.

Each of Hearthstone's 9 classes are receiving 2 card buffs. In addition to these buffs, a brand new Mechanical legendary is being added to the game and will be given out to all players for free! That legendary is SN1P-SN4P but fear not for one broken combo with Reckless Experimenter is also going to be nerfed. Check out the new mechanical legendary below beside the new card for Reckless Experimenter.

SN1P-SN4P Card Image Reckless Experimenter Card Image

The patch should arrive sometime around 1 PM Eastern on June 3. That's 10 AM Pacific for the NA west coast and 7 PM CEST for the Europeans.

Here are all the card buffs you can look forward to this week.

Boomsday Project Cards Getting Buffed

Each class is receiving two card buffs. Woot!










RegisKillbin Reviews the Buffs

Our pal Regis reviewed the upcoming card changes the day the buffs were announced.