Another week of Demon Hunters behind us, another round of nerfs ahead of us. Apart from Illidan getting weaker, the nerfs to Bloodbloom and Open the Waygate will definitely affect the Wild meta (mainly the latter). As we already spotlighted some Wild decks for the newest class mid-week, we'll now concentrate on what the other classes have in store for Outland.

Freeze Mage

Let's start with something truly old school from Nork. The core gameplan of freezing the board, having Ice Block up, Alex-ing your opponent's face and bursting them down with direct damage spells has lately gotten some cost-reducing help in the form of Incanter's Flow and Kael'thas Sunstrider himself.

OTK Hunter

The new Beast-buffing cards for Hunters got some players think about different Wild OTKs, and MCMitta chose Knuckles as the Beast to deal the final blow. While charge minions could be blocked with Taunts, the Gadgetzan gorilla won't mind as The Beast Within makes him hit a random minion instead - and your opponent's face.

Xarkkal also noticed the OTK possibility, aiming to unleash Zixor Prime with Tundra Rhino.

Aggro Miracle Priest

Are you ready for a Miracle? Good old Lyra got some new Outland apprentices in the form of Sethekk Veilweavers, and Watermelon86 hired the whole trio for this deck.

Divine Shield Paladin

Out of the 517 different Paladin archetypes Blizzard has come up with so far, this is one of the least supported ones, despite being one of the more flavorfuls. With the amount of Divine Shield Kamouh put in this deck, you can make a DIY Ashbringer out of Light's Sorrow if Tirion doesn't want to lend his prized weapon.

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Discard Cubelock

Greed is good, and if sacrificing some consistency is required then so be it. BlueBanana has put together a very honest guide explaining some of the card choices you might be questioning here.

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Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!