This weekend was home to the Wild Open Playoffs 2019 on Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas regions! Elite Wild players from each region battled it out for their place in Wild Open Finals 2019.

You can find the qualified players alongside their decklists below.

Tournament Details

  • Online tournament, top 100 Wild Ranked players (January season) from each region
  • Best of 3 Conquest
  • Seven rounds of Swiss with top 8 advancing.
  • Top 8 Single Elimination bracket with top 2 advancing to Wild Open Finals 2019

Qualified Players' Decklists


Aggro DruidSecret Mage
Odd PaladinBig Priest
Odd RogueEven Shaman


Jarla Player671
Secret MageSecret Mage
Odd PaladinDragon Combo Priest
Even ShamanShudderwock Shaman


Secret MageAggro Paladin
Odd PaladinOdd Rogue
Even ShamanCubelock