With the card nerfs arriving earlier this week, it is time for some deck recommendations! We've got 5 great decks that will do you well on Hearthstone's Standard ladder.

Included on each deck is their good matchups and which cards you'll want to target for mulligans, so be sure to click through to their guides for more information.

Secret Rogue with Galakrond

We'll start things off with the non-Demon Hunter powerhouse - Secret Rogue! Blackjack Stunner is your 1-cost Sap on steroids. You get a body, the control, and forcing your opponent to spend more mana to get that same card out again. It can help curb some initial aggro if you must but it can save you in a pinch later on too. Holding onto a Secret to make sure you can activate this is a really good idea. Play with your secrets, control the board, bring out big boys, and conclude with Galakrond.

Some alternate lists run a single Shadowstep to use with Kronx Dragonhoof. If you want to play with that, drop one of your Devoted Maniacs.

Murloc Paladin

Murloc Paladin is a disgustingly good deck and thankfully for us it does well against many of the other players we're showcasing today. The Murloc generation isn't quite as crazy as Shamans once had access to, but Imprisoned Sungill can help us replenish a board after ours gets inevitably wiped out. Felfin Navigator spreads the fishy love on our tiny units and Underlight Angling Rod (later brought back with our Hoard Pillager) gives us much-needed card generation.

Face Hunter

Personally speaking, I've always adored Face Hunter and winning games in the lowest number of turns possible. The potential brought to us with Toxic Reinforcements when paired alongside Teron Gorefiend and some fantastic cards from Ashes of Outland (notably Pack Tactics & Scavenger's Ingenuity is an absolute delight. Face is the Place! SMOrc

Totem Shaman

Totem Shaman is one of those funny archetypes where we waited for years to get something that actually worked decently and now we've got a deck that can be tough to beat. It does great against those pesky Hunters, Mages, and Priests especially, and we know how popular Hunter has been as of late.

Tempo Demon Hunter

I can't not advertise Demon Hunter. Even though they've gone through two rounds of nerfs, their greedy gameplay continues to deliver wins and I'd be lying if I said they weren't fun to play as. YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!