The season is drawing to an end and some might still be trying to reach their target of the month, possibly inspired by the pretty sweet first time rewards for reaching each rank platform in the revamped system. Don't you worry, our community members got you covered with some legend-worthy Wild decks that will help you get where you want in no time.

Taunt Warrior

Playing a Taunt every turn sounds like a decent plan in keeping aggro at bay. HyperOrange grabbed that free Legendary by wielding Sulfuras to his opponents' devastation. I know a certain moderator that would approve this plan.

If you want a different Warrior strategy, there's always the Pirate option. Lizs spiced up this list with Galakrond.

Highlander Mage

Surprised? Me neither. There are several Highlander strategies that have what it takes to reach the orange gem zone, and Zergoras chose the Mage variant.

I personally have no patience when ranking so I finished my climb with a Secret Mage, much like puffy's list here with a small change of Duplicates instead of Netherwind Portals.

Totem Shaman

There's been some buzz around Totem Shaman's resurgence in Standard lately, so it's no surprise that you can do well with in in Wild as well. Watermelon86 is determined to reach legend with this list, including the trauma-triggering trio of Tunnel Trogg, Totem Golem and Thing from Below.


Even though Ahrimourn is too humble to claim it openly, these kind of lists are not that uncommon at those high Diamond ranks. The Cube shenanigans can be an absolute horror to aggressive decks, and some lists that I encountered chose to run Enhanced Dreadlord as well to get some of that Lifesteal goodness.

Mech Paladin

This swarmy menace from SirHerpDerp is a common sight near legend as well. Crystology is crazy strong in the deck, and Galvanizer alongside Mechwarper helps to empty your hand in no time, only to be refilled by Divine Favor.

This Murloc deck boasts an incredible 75+% WR on HSReplay (as seen with the non-premium Bronze-Gold filter), so I'd imagine it works on higher ranks as well.

Looking to enter the Wild world of Outland? Take a look at these decks.

Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!