The buff patch has finally arrived on mobile, bringing buffs to all players and oh yeah, Pogos are hopping everywhere. In this post we'll take a look at the new decks this Rise of the Mech update has inspired our community members to create. Be sure to read their deck guides too!

Pogo Rogue

I already mentioned pogos didn't I? Rippy has taken the archetype in a bit different direction, utilizing the also-buffed Violet Haze among some other token creating cards to fill up his hand in order to play some early Mountain Giants.

OTK Paladin

The reduced mana cost of Crystology has gotten some Holy Wraths swinging again. Delko has included Immortal Prelate+Da Undatakah-combo as an alternative, more grindy win condition in his version in case Warriors get too excited armoring up.

Tempo Mage

Expect the Unexpected with this deck. HooliganPolygon has spotted some sweet and cheap combos with the new 3-mana Unexpected Results.

Token Mutate Shaman

I lied again, I've taken the last one from Twitter. Jambre has been busy creating tokens and turning them into legendaries with The Storm Bringer.

Did we miss a post-patch meta-breaker here? Create a deck and share your creation in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!

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