A couple of days ago we posted some awesome Rise of the Mech-inspired decks made by our community members, but today it's time to look at the raw stats. Down below you'll find some of the strongest decks in the current meta, all piloted at ~60% winrate. Proceed with caution, the decks might get quite aggressive.

The decks shown here have been provided by data harvested by HSReplay. All numbers were accurate at the time of writing.

Mech Hunter (55.4 % Archetype Winrate)

Even though Secret Hunter still leads the way in archetype winrates (56.2 %), its Mechy cousin takes the spotlight when it comes to individual decks. And although Necromechanic has been a popular inclusion post-patch, it doesn't seem to make it's way into the very top versions.

Looking for more Mech Hunters? Check out these decks. Secret Hunter isn't a bad choice either, check them out too.

Murloc Shaman (55.0 % Archetype Winrate)

Mrgl mrgl! Murloc Shaman provides a relatively cheap (while also effective) alternative for your ladder climbing. The more expensive versions that run Swampqueen Hagatha and Shudderwock are doing equally well, in case you want to include more value in the deck.

Looking for more fishy f(r)iends? Here are some.

Token Druid (54.9 % Archetype Winrate)

Did you think we already got rid of the menace from the early Rise of Shadows meta? It seems to have been just a flesh wound, patched up with some mechanical friends. Don't worry though, tree-lovers, there's still plenty of treants left in the mix. No sightings of Mulchmuncher yet though...

Nature's wrath is calling to you? Pick your weapon here.

Control Warrior (53.8 % Archetype Winrate)

So much aggression here, I wish there was someone to defend us from it, someone with shields and armor, lots of armor, so so much armor... If you can afford spending twice the time for a single game than any other deck so far, you've found the one for you.

Winning ain't worth it unless you exhaust your opponent out of resources? I like you, take one of these.

The New Contender: Hooktusk Tempo Rogue (52.3 % Archetype Winrate)

Even though the archetype's winrate wouldn't yet justify a spot in this post, it's here anyway. She never fights fair, does she? At least some individual variants, like the one below, have gotten close to that 60% I mentioned right from the start.

Should I link you Tempo Rogues or Pirate Rogues? Which one this is more? Help a man out here!

So you found that meta-breaker still flying under the radar? Cool, create a deck and share your creation in comments below. We promise to keep it secret.