This past week kicked things off on Monday with one hell of a Hearthstone patch. We saw 18 cards from the Boomsday project get buffed which brought quite a bit of excitment. With mechs dominating the ladder, its time to see which are the most used.

Thanks to data from HSReplay, we can tell you definitively some cards are more sought after than others. Check out all the stats below and tell us in the comments which buffed cards you are having the most fun playing. Do any of these cards surprise you?

Edit note: The percentages in the table have been corrected/updated at ~14:20 CEST.

The Most Popular Buffed Boomsday Class Cards

If you aren't seeing these on ladder, you certainly will soon! Here are the top 4 cards people have been making use of.

Crystology Card Image Thunderhead Card Image Glowstone Technician Card Image Pogo-Hopper Card Image

The Least Popular Buffed Boomsday Class Cards

Frowny Face. You won't be seeing these around much, but maybe you can find a use for them? Change the meta! Okay, maybe not.

Flark's Boom-Zooka Card Image Violet Haze Card Image Mulchmuncher Card Image Spirit Bomb Card Image

All The Cards

Here's a list of all the cards with their usage in decks from their own classes, deck winrates, and play winrates. All data sourced from HSReplay.

% Used Class DecksCardDeck WinratePlayed Winrate
52.5%Glowstone Technician54.9%57.6%
44.9%Extra Arms48.7%51.4%
42.8%Luna's Pocket Galaxy51.7%57.8%
25.0%The Storm Bringer55.5%55.1%
9.2%Gloop Sprayer44.5%70.3%
5.0%Cloning Device42.1%41.6%
4.8%Unexpected Results47.4%46.0%
4.6%Spirit Bomb46.4%42.7%
4.5%Dr. Morrigan38.8%46.8%
1.9%Security Rover50.9%63.5%
1.5%Beryllium Nullifier52.1%67.3%
0.9%Violet Haze40.5%39.5%
0.3%Flark's Boom-Zooka46.5%36.9%