It's been a month from the release of Ashes of Outland and we're slowly approaching the post-expansion lull when things start to settle. Luckily our community members are as creative as always, bringing some off-meta fun decks on the table.

Odd Spell Damage Shaman

See, I said off-meta, didn't I? ChocolateChipCooke went there and beyond with this deck that combines the scarcely played Odd and Spell Damage strategies with a solid core of Dragons. I sure didn't expect Arcane Watcher to see play without Silence effects but here we are.

Yogg Libram Paladin

Some people just want to see the world get Yogged and stewartpid has the deck for that very purpose. Embrace Outland's new libram mechanic to the full until it's time to unleash the lord of RNG to decide who wins this time.

Phaoris Warlock

We're getting a bit meme-y, aren't we? Mulligan hard for The Dark Portal in order to unleash an early King Phaoris, the only minion in TheGrimPaladin's deck. If that doesn't win the game, it's time to Renounce Darkness and look for other options.

Mecha'thun Rogue

This is becoming a "win through memeing with a 10-cost minion"-edition, isn't it? There's no lack of draw in HyperOrange's deck as Roll the Bones could easily draw half of the deck at once.

C'Thun Shaman

From the mechanized version to the...fleshy Old God goo(?) C'Thun. Swizard has built a worthy deck for The Eye, one of the greatest cards ever printed.

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Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!