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We've datamined some details on the upcoming Black Temple Adventure and its boss fights!

Keep in mind that datamined details could be placeholders and may be inaccurate.

Black Temple Adventure Fights Datamined

Descriptions are specifically flagged as placeholders. Details on their hero powers can be found further in the post where the data exists.

  • Boss 1 - Inquisitor Darrel
    • A strange creature who only wants to talk about the Rusted Legion...
  • Boss 2 - Rusted Darkglare
    • A Naga is being corrupted by the Rusted Legion! Save them!
  • Boss 3 - Zixor, Apex Predator
    • A large predator is trying to eat a Sporelok! Save the creature!
  • Boss 4 - Baltharak
    • This rusted monster is attacking a Mag'har Orc.
  • Boss 5 - Kanrethad Prime
    • This challenging opponent is ready to brawl!
  • Boss 6 - Burgrak Cruelchain
    • That Demolisher looks like the perfect way to continue your journey.
  • Boss 7 - Felstorm Run
    • Just racing a Felstorm across Outland in a stolen Demolisher - nothing to see here!
  • Boss 8 - Mother Sharaz
    • Prove your worth versus one of Illidan's strongest warriors.
  • Boss 9 - Shalja Outcast
    • Spar with Shalja to both become Demon Hunters!
  • Boss 10 - Kamuk Outcast
    • The rest of your companions are training to become Demon Hunters!
  • Boss 11 - Jek'haz
    • The Rusted Legion are attacking the Black Temple - time to go full Demon Hunter on them.
  • Boss 12 - Magtheridon Prime
    • The mastermind of the raid on Black Temple has come to take his throne back!
  • Boss 13 - Gok'amok
    • This two-headed Ogre has some tricks and a duet up his sleeves!
  • Boss 14 - Flikk
    • This tiny Imp is way out of his league.
  • Boss 15 - Baduu, Corrupted
    • Baduu has been corrupted... you'll need to fight your friend.
  • Boss 16 - MECHA-JARAXXUS!
    • The big bad of the Rusted Legion. He uses everything you've seen so far, but better!
  • Boss 17 - Illidan Stormrage
    • The Student vs. the Teacher

There are several heroic fights in addition to these ones but they all use placeholders for "Dr. BOOOOM!".

Black Temple Adventure Card Images

Excuse the dark images in places. This is a temporary issue.

Black Temple Demon Hunter Allies

From what we've gathered, you'll meet some new friends and turn them into Demon Hunters during your adventure. Baduu, unfortunately, gets corrupted and dies so there is no Demon Hunter form available.

  • Rogue Ally - Baduu, Outcast
  • Druid Ally - Sklibb, Outcast
  • Priest Ally - Karnuk, Outcast
  • Shaman Ally - Shal-ja, Outcast

You can see from the images below, stuff is clearly placeholder since some of the cards do not have text yet.



Boss Fight Cards

Aranna the Demon Hunter

Black Temple Boss 1 - Inquisitor Darrel

Black Temple Boss 2 - Rusted Darkglare

Black Temple Boss 3 - Zixor, Apex Predator

Black Temple Boss 4 - Baltharak

Black Temple Boss 5 - Kanrethad Prime

Black Temple Boss 6 - Burgrak Cruelchain

Black Temple Boss 7 - Felstorm Run

Black Temple Boss 8 - Mother Sharaz

Black Temple Boss 9 - Shalja Outcast

Black Temple Boss 10 - Kamuk Outcast

Black Temple Boss 11 - Jek'haz

Black Temple Boss 12 - Magtheridon Prime

No cards available at this time in the client

Black Temple Boss 13 - Gok'amok

No cards available at this time in the client

Black Temple Boss 14 - Flikk

No cards available at this time in the client

Black Temple Boss 15 - Baduu, Corrupted

No cards available at this time in the client

Black Temple Boss 16 - MECHA-JARAXXUS!

No cards available at this time in the client

Black Temple Boss 17 - Illidan Stormrage

No cards available at this time in the client