Feeling bored with the current meta? Don't worry, as today we'll showcase some off-meta decks starring some of the less played Outland Legendaries, coming fresh out of HSReplay.net.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the off-meta nature of these decks, the amount of data available is quite scarce. Your results may vary.

Quest Warrior with Kargath Bladefist

Safest first! This deck has a enough data to reveal positive winrates across all ranks and against Demon Hunters. Isn't that all what matters? You're guaranteed to surprise your opponent as this is not the Warrior archetype they expect.

Firenza has been running a similar deck at Diamond with good results.

Pure Paladin with Lady Liadrin (and Murgur Murgurgle)

Another deck that fits the two criteria I used above (yes, it really does, stats don't lie). Murgur Murgurgle isn't a crucial inclusion but the Prime is strong enough to warrant a place if you own him.

Quest Hunter with Beastmaster Leoroxx

Although Demon Hunters will eat this deck for lunch, it still packs a punch at all ranks. Use Ramkahen Wildtamers to copy a random King Krush in your hand and unleash the dinos with Beastmaster Leoroxx to annihilate your opponent.

Big Druid with Archspore Msshi'fn

Who needs Embiggen when your minions are pretty darn big already? The endless wall of Taunts at your disposal means that aggro decks have to put up some real effort if they want to beat you.

Evolve Shaman with Lady Vashj and The Lurker Below

We've entered the zone where we give no promises anymore. There's only enough data for the low ranks, so the deck's true performance is a mystery. But if you love some of that randomness, this pure Evolve build is something you should try out.

Handlock with Magtheridon

The data looks weird with this one, although the overall winrate stays mostly positive. But who cares when you can play Lord Jaraxxus without the fear of getting memed by Sacrificial Pact. OBLIVION!!!