The Hearthstone Arena was updated today with a set of balance hotfixes that are supposed to get classes close to a 50% win-rate. Druid and Warlocks have not been touched but the other seven classes are having their card appearance rates nerfed or buffed.

Quote From Dylan Bates

Hey everyone,

With today’s hotfix we’ve also done a post-rotation Arena balance update. Here’s what we’ve changed:

  • Updated the appearance rate of specific cards to ensure class balance remains close to the ideal 50% win-rate.
    • The win-rate of Hunter, Mage, and Paladin should now be decreased.
    • The win-rate of Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior should now be increased.
    • Card appearance rates for Druid and Warlock remain untouched.

The Arena Buckets have been updated on the Current Arena Rules thread. We will continue to monitor Arena balance and adjust as needed, especially around set rotations. Thanks!