Today is the second of three streams this week that will detail the card back design process featuring the September 2020 card back.

We'll be seeing the Progress stage today which is fleshing out the design from the initial concept we saw on Monday.

Here's where we were at on Monday.

Here is a revised start that was from off-stream.

The stream is headed by Luke Mancini who will be doing all the design for the card back and Hadidjah Chamberlain, Hearthstone's Lead FX Artist, will be present to help answer community questions.

Progress Seen Today

Sorry, no recap on what was being talked about this time. There was a lot of repetition from yesterday and things such as "what is your favourite card from x". Here is what the card back looked like throughout today's 2-hour session. It is looking great!


September Card Back Design Stream Schedule

 West Coast
East Coast
[DONE] May 18 - Concept13:0016:0022:00
May 20 - Progress13:0016:0022:00
May 21 - Finalizing13:0016:0022:00