The weekend is here so it's time for another round of Wild decks! The recent nerfs may not have had the biggest of impacts on the format, but hopefully it gave everyone some nerf dust to invest on some of these community-created decks.

Exodia Paladin

The buff to Aldor Attendant did change some things in thedragofire's deck as it can now be tutored with Crystology. Playing the uncompletable Quest guarantees draws from Questing Explorer and The Coins from Licensed Adventurer to feed your Beardo Exodia.

Dorian Deathrattle Rogue

Our resident memer SwaguarTV is at it again with a deck that doesn't lack draw. Play your Dollmaster Dorian and Prep out Roll the Bones to get a boardful (and handful) of various Deathrattle minions.

Mech Mage

Nostalgia time! Remember Mech Mage? It was my first somewhat competitive list after I started playing during GvG/BRM era. SunburstWolfgang's list has a bit more spice than ye good ol' versions did with Arugal, Dorian and, above all, Mimiron's Head.

Combo Demon Hunter

BAMS is not only an acronym of the key cards of the deck but also the sounds your opponent's face makes at the end of each match. Crimson Sigil Runner's nerf did not have an impact on Dorkpork's decklist as the draw is very much needed to get all the pieces together.


The Demons aren't the only big thing in this highlander list from puffy. The deck is not for everyone's wallet as the only neutral card that isn't a legendary is Dirty Rat.

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