Well met! In this deck spotlight were going to explore the very essence of Hearthstone: raging to strangers having FUN! We'll be doing that by taking a look at some creative Just for Fun decks that our community members have added to the site. Don't forget to visit the decks for full guides!

Miracle Paladin

Do you believe in Miracles? JTA certainly does. Exotic Mountseller can work wonders in this deck in combination of all the cheap secrets, easily drawn by Subject 9.

Resurrect Control Priest

First things first: no, there's no Inner Fire, this isn't a combo deck. Inspired by our resident deckmaster RegisKillbin's Greed Priest, Tandem tweaked the deck to better combat those pesky Warriors and arrived to this current iteration.

Portal Warlock

And no, it's not a broken Summoning Portal + SN1P-SN4P thing. This post was about fun decks, remember? A true Warlock player like SigTrent uses the portals created by Portal Keeper and Portal Overfiend to summon some rushing Demons (while occasionally cheating out cheap giants).

Nomi Quest Hunter

There's no place like Wild when it comes to fun decks. Watermelon86 certainly has a lot of fun homebrews in addition to that Miracle Soul Priest we highlighted on last weekend's Wild post. In this deck Queen Carnassa's raptors and Chef Nomi guarantee some flooding boards for multiple turns.

Still chuckling at your latest meme win? We need to see your decklist, now! Create a deck and share it in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!

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