The Round Robin phase of Hearthstone Grandmasters has concluded this past weekend with Week 7 of the competition and with that, six unfortunate players got relegated from Grandmasters. You can re-live the action with our post below.

Selected Decklists

As this phase of the competition consists of individual matches rather than mini-tournaments, there are no "winners' decklists" to show; instead, we'll showcase some interesting deck choices from selected players.

Shaxy's Combo Priest

With no stakes left (from his side) for his sole match of the weekend, Shaxy was free to bring something unusual with this Priest list. The deck relies heavily on getting a minion stick early and buffing it with cards like Power Infusion and Inner Fire. The deck turned out to be the weakest link of his lineup as he had to try three times before he was able to take a win against SamuelTsao's Druid, relegating him from Grandmasters.

DawN's Bomb Tempo Warrior

Swidz had brought a Bomb variant of the Tempo Warrior every week until now, when he decided to swap to a more regular build. However, three APAC players picked up the Bomb list, likely expecting to see a lot more heavily-drawing decks with the rise of Quest Warlock. While Flurry went with a smaller Bomb package, both DawN and Ryvius made bigger changes to the deck with cards like Bladestorm, Hoard Pillager, and Brawl added in as well. Unsurprisingly, Warriors were banned every time in the trio's matches so the decks' performance remains a mystery.

Viper's Highlander Hunter

As Viper was the only player with guaranteed safety in Europe's Division B, he had the chance to try out something different. Viper decided to tinker with some tech cards, like trying out Alexstrasza in Galakrond Rogue or Archmage Antonidas in Highlander Mage. Arguably his weirdest experiment was adding Grizzled Wizard (and Dragonmaw Sky Stalker) in his Highlander Hunter. The tech choices didn't make a difference in Viper's two Hunter games, going 1-1 against Rdu with it.


Here are the match VoDs from the three days of competition in spoilers. I've again embedded a couple of my personal favourite matches from the weekend.

Day 1 VoDs

——— Asia-Pacific ———

  • Posesi vs che0nsu: VoD
  • Surrender vs kin0531: VoD
  • FroStee vs tom60229: VoD
  • Staz vs SamuelTsao: VoD
  • DawN vs blitzchung: VoD

——— Europe ———

  • Thijs vs Bozzzton: VoD
  • Zhym vs Kolento: VoD
  • SilverName vs Felkeine: VoD
  • Bunnyhoppor vs BoarControl: VoD

——— Americas ———

  • Gallon vs languagehacker: VoD
  • Purple vs PNC: VoD
  • Firebat vs Zalae: VoD
  • muzzy vs PapaJason: VoD
  • Fr0zen vs ETC: VoD

Day 2 VoDs

——— Asia-Pacific ———

  • Alutemu vs che0nsu: VoD
  • kin0531 vs Flurry: VoD
  • glory vs Ryvius: VoD
  • Surrender vs Posesi: VoD
  • FroStee vs Tyler: VoD

——— Europe ———

  • Bunnyhoppor vs Jarla: VoD
  • Viper vs Rdu: VoD
  • Felkeine vs Seiko: VoD
  • Swidz vs SilverName: VoD
  • BoarControl vs Hunterace: VoD

——— Americas ———

  • Nalguidan vs justsaiyan: VoD
  • Eddie vs Monsanto: VoD
  • Zalae vs Fr0zen: Zalae was awarded a 3-0 victory as Fr0zen missed the match.
  • PapaJason vs ETC: VoD

Day 3 VoDs

——— Asia-Pacific ———

  • glory vs Flurry: VoD
  • Ryvius vs Alutemu: VoD
  • blitzchung vs tom60229: VoD
  • SamuelTsao vs Shaxy: VoD

——— Europe ———

  • Pavel vs Bozzzton: VoD
  • Viper vs Thijs: VoD
  • Casie vs Zhym: VoD
  • Rdu vs Kolento: VoD
  • Swidz vs Hunterace: VoD

——— Americas ———

  • Gallon vs Eddie: VoD
  • justsaiyan vs languagehacker: VoD
  • Monsanto vs Empanizado: VoD
  • Nalguidan vs bloodyface: VoD
  • Firebat vs PNC: VoD

Results & Standings

The individual match results can be found on the official site. Final standings within each Division can be found in spoilers below.

Standings in Asia-Pacific's Divisions

Standings in Europe's Divisions

Standings in Americas' Divisions


The high stakes of this week's matches were quite evident as players generally took no risks with their lineups. Everyone brought Demon Hunters and only Viper chose not to bring Warrior. Quest Warlock had a huge surge in popularity after going 11-1 last weekend with 29 players bringing it compared to last week's 10. Priest, in turn, took a hit in popularity as the 15 Galakrond Priests of last week turned into the 1 non-Galakrond list that Shaxy brought. As there were only two Highlander Mages and no Paladins or Shamans (once again), the matches were mostly played with only six classes represented.

Result-based Discussion

The weekend was not happy for six players as they got relegated from Grandmasters. In APAC, despite having a strong start to Round Robin phase with a 2-0 record after the first weekend, Staz found himself from the last place of the final standings. In stark contrast, SamuelTsao had been struggling the whole time but came agonizingly close to dragging himself to (at least temporary) safety. In the end, he was relegated alongside Staz with inferior tiebreakers to FroStee and DawN.

In Europe, everything came down to the wire as all players had the possibility to affect their fate in Sunday's matches. The former world champion Pavel was the player in greatest danger but his victory over Bozzzton gave him a glimmer of hope, only to be taken away in the very next match as Thijs beat Viper and sealed Pavel's fate. Kolento shared a similar story with Staz, being in the 2-0 club after the first week and then failing to record another victory, slowly descending the table to the last place. He had every chance of getting himself out of direct relegation spots in his last match but eventually lost to Rdu 3-0.

In Americas, PapaJason struggled already in the Swiss phase and was unable to turn his fortunes in Round Robin matches either. This meant that his visit to Grandmasters lasted only one Season. PNC's situation may have looked fine before the weekend, but as he was unable to win either of his matches, he fell down to the dreaded auto-relegation spots. Having played in the World Championship last year and almost making it to Division A earlier this season, his relegation was one of the harshest of the Season.







The relegation woes are not over yet, as four players from each region will have to play through a three-match Play-in to determine the third relegated player from each region. It will work as follows:

  • Match 1: Bottom 2 of Division A goes head-to-head, the winner is safe.
  • Match 2: The loser of Match 1 faces the player who finished 5th in Division B, the winner is safe.
  • Match 3: The loser of Match 2 faces the player who finished 6th in Division B, the winner is safe and the loser is relegated.

As can be seen from the format, Division A players have the huge advantage of basically having three tries at getting to safety, while the 6th place in Division B only gives the player one shot to save themselves.

It's not all doom and gloom though. Ten players from each region will be looking forward to next weekend, as the Playoffs will be taking place simultaneously with the relegations. The prize of winning is nothing less than a spot in the 8-player World Championship later this year. Given the significantly larger prize pool and the chance of cementing their name in the Hearthstone history, the players will give it their everything to take home the title of Seasonal Playoff champion.

Grandmasters 2020 Season 1 concludes next week with Relegation and Playoffs matches. Don't forget to tune in!