A new format has been announced for Competitive Hearthstone! The Conquest Format is being replaced by Specialist this year, and brings a form of side-board Hearthstone.

Blizzard says they are excited to see how it performs and that they are eager to implement community feedback as needed. Here's how it works.

  • Players bring three 30 card decks to bring to the tournament.
  • All decks must be from the same class.
  • The decks are designated as Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.
  • The Primary is your main deck that you are bringing to the tournament.
  • The Secondary and Tertiary decks must have 25 cards found in the Primary deck, with the remaining 5 being your choice.
  • For the first game, both players must use their Primary deck.
  • In following games you are free to choose your Secondary or Tertiary decks, or continue using the Primary.
  • Your opponent will not know which you choose.

The format begins post-world championship.