In every meta there are decks you like and decks you hate. Among the latter there's often that one archetype you just wish didn't exist. Suffer no more, in this post we're taking a look at some stats and finding the single biggest counters to the most popular meta decks.

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Big Shaman

If you're looking to find shelter from all the Goblin BombsBADCARDNAME that Mech Hunters are throwing at you, Big Shaman is your best bet with a 57.5% winrate. The deck is rather expensive though so if you want something cheaper, Murlocs can also get the job done.

Looking for more Big Shamans? I just created the archetype for this post so there's currently none marked as such... but I've seen that at least Cardinal has written a comprehensive guide for you all.

Mech Paladin

The bombs just keep on coming, this time from Bomb Warriors. The relief comes from their brothers-in-Mechs in the form of Mech Paladin. Boasting a whopping 74.2% winrate against them, you really should get the job done. As an additional bonus, it's also the best counter for Midrange Hunter (65.0% winrate).

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Secret Hunter

After its dominance in last weekend's Masters Tour, Cyclone/Conjurer Mage is certainly going to see more play (even outside Legend, where it already is the most popular archetype). Luckily Hunters have a Secret weapon to counter it (with a 68.4% winrate). Secret Hunter should be a decent choice all in all as it has the second best overall winrate of all archetypes (54.9 %).

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If you're not fond of treants invading your Hearthstone games, you might be interested in knowing that Zoolock is Token Druid's worst nightmare (with a 63.2% winrate). Before you can take on Malfurion and Lunara, you still have one of the hotly contested questions of the current meta to solve: to Rafaam or not to Rafaam...

Planning to tap into the knowledge of the community? I won't be standing on your way.

Mecha'thun Warrior

There's only one big meta baddie left standing anymore, but it ain't no pushover. I guess you've all had the privilege of playing 30 minute matches against Control Warriors, and unless it was a mirror you were likely to lose. No more! Even though it isn't the most optimal meta choice, Mecha'thun Warrior is almost a foolproof way to beat the endless Elysianas, boasting an eye-watering winrate of 82.5% against them.

Mecha'thun Warrior
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The era of flesh has ended? *Light-blue explosions everywhere*

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