With the arrival of Toki's Wild Bundle and some renewed interest in the format, we're back with RegisKillbin to bring you four decks that'll help you climb in Wild without breaking the back. Each of these decks comes in under 2000 total dust, and should be strong enough to climb to Rank 5 in the hands of a skilled player (or maybe even higher!).

You can find each of his decklists below, including some thoughts to explain what they're all about.

Live Gameplay

These decks and more are going to be piloted LIVE as Regis pushes to Wild Legend! Tune in below.

Budget Dragon Combo Priest

This is a deck archetype that flies under the radar a bit, but absolutely dominates in lower ranks in Wild (highest win-rate Priest deck across all ranks), and still has potential at higher ranks. Where most people are expecting Big Priest and lots of giant late-game problems, this deck comes out swinging with combo potential in the form of Divine Spirit + Inner Fire.

Budget Mech Hunter

This should come as no surprise, because Mech Hunter is just as good in Wild as it is in Standard, AND just as affordable! The list gets a little more aggressive in Wild with things like Metaltooth Leaper, but it's much of the same stuff!

Budget Heal Zoo Warlock

Heal Zoo remains a fast and powerful option in Wild, especially with the addition of Magic Carpet to speed things up even more!

Budget Murloc Shaman

Murloc Shaman is has some crazy powerful tools in Wild like Everyfin is Awesome. You just need to get quick starts and then burst your opponent down with a varity of board buffs and damage follow-ups.