Our week of celebration is over but that doesn't stop us from enjoying all the fun and funky decks that Wild has to offer. Let's see what our community members have been playing with lately.

Spell Druid

...but not as you know it! MCMitta is utilizing the Spare Part spells from GvG Mechs to empower the regular Spell Druid stuff (like Glowfly Swarm and Exotic Mountseller) and some more special choices like Questing Adventurer and Red Mana Wyrm.


Gul'dan has assembled a proper omelette with the help of AmorphousOoze. If your opponent is unwilling to help with cracking those eggs, the deck has plenty of options for a D-I-Y solution.

Exodia Paladin

From Egg combos to Banana combos. Siegfrieddo utilizes the power of cheap spells and Auctionmaster Beardo to get all Uther's Four Horsemen out in one spectacular turn.

Axe Warrior

Thonson has some axes in store and wants to share them with his opponent. The full combo does require some Emperor Thaurissan magic but definitely is one of the OTKs your opponent isn't expecting.

Renounce Warlock

Every game will be different with Swizard's Warlock deck. The list also includes some powerful highlander cards in case Shadow Council and Renounce Darkness let you down.

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Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!