So you bought Toki's Wild Bundle and now you're thinking about what to do with the cards? We shared some budget Wild decks made by RegisKillbin earlier this week, but now it's time to break the bank and see what the community has shared with us. Be sure to visit the decks for guides!

Patron Warrior

Let's start things off with something truly old school. Even though Warsong Commander may be gone (but not forgotten), you can still get your daily dose of Wild fun out of Grim Patrons, as Dorkpork demonstrates with the deck below.

Quest Control Priest

Kovachut marked this deck as Thief Priest but he's not fooling me, this is as Control as it gets. Sure, you can just copy all of your opponent's cards with Archbishop Benedictus but that's just how Priests roll. It's illegal to scroll any further without taking a look at Kovachut's guide, he's put some real effort into that (or Lazul has, I mean).

Token (Summoning Stone) Druid

This brings back memories. One of the funniest decks I've ever played was a deck that utilized Summoning Stone and Medivh, the Guardian much the same way than this deck does. Thank you for sharing, Morkimus. I may need to try this out myself.

Reno Deathrattle Rogue

Reno Jackson and Rogue isn't the most common combination but one great thing about Wild is that you can pretty much play anything you want. At least you won't suffer from the lack of healing if you choose to try out one of GrovesK's latest inventions.

Handbuff Paladin

At this point I usually take a deck from Twitter but RenoJackson (the pro player, not to be confused with the card) made my job easier by submitting one himself. Hand-buff Paladin never really became a thing while in Standard but may have found it's time to shine in Wild with the help of some new toys. At "#2 Legend" it sounds like it's working if you ask me.

Still thinking about dusting those Toki Bundle cards for some sweet Standard dust? I'm not giving up on you yet, take a look at some more Wild decks to see if you find something that fits you better.

Want to help me to convert the remaining heretics? Create a Wild deck and share your creation in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!