It's good to be a Pirate these days. Captain Hooktusk has successfully taken over Battlegrounds, and her Warrior brethren have conquered Wild and gained more ground in Standard as well after the Twin Slice nerf (which could still end up having a big impact on Wild). Let's take a look if our community members have been crimped on board as well or if they've had some other deck ideas in store.

OTK Rogue

Most of you may have seen the deck already as it's doing quite well on the front page widget, but I'll force you to look again anyway. LyraSilvertongue has turned the rarely spotted Underbelly Ooze into a D-I-Y Malygos in this hilariously meme-y deck. Some assembly and cost reductions required.

Quest Druid

Another popular deck, but it deserves a spotlight based on Zelgadis' comprehensive guide alone. The big Beasts the archetype usually runs have gotten company from moderately large Mechs.

Aggro Mage

Did I promise some Pirates? Richman wanted to find a home for Genzo, the Shark and Gormok the Impaler and came up with this list. I, for one, would be very confused if my Mage opponent dropped Ship's Cannon.

Deck ID Not Found

Swaguar has been tinkering with another unusual Aggro variant, Murloc Mage.

Kingsbane Pirate Rogue

A more standard Pirate list from bryanfeanor. Take full advantage of the Pirates' weapon synergies and draw Kingsbane again and again with the help of Cavern Shinyfinder and Raiding Party.

OTK Hunter

Powercreeped time and time again, and now redeemed by the mercy of our resident memer MarkMcKz. Although your opponent might be expecting some King Krushes to trample over their hopes of winning, it will be an army of noble Silverback Patriarchs that get to do the honours.

Mark's ideas didn't stop there, as he's been tinkering with big Hir'eeks and some game-breaking combos, just to name a few.

Bonus: Pirate Warrior

It's illegal to talk about a deck without providing the list, isn't it? This brutally efficient deck comes from HSReplay, where it's winrate has surpassed the 70% line. Handle with care, as studies suggest it may cause surges of anger in your opponents.

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Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!