Week three of the Felfire Festival is here! Starting earlier with the Outlandish Burndown brawl, the final portion of the free adventure content has arrived and so has a new legendary quest. Let's get on with the details!

This Week's Legendary Felfire Festival Quest

You'll get three card packs for simply playing 4 games in the Trial by Felfire Challenges! Enjoy a Saviors of Uldum, Year of the Dragon, and Ashes of Outland pack for your hard work.

Get Kael'thas Sunstrider in Golden for FREE!

If you can complete all of the Trial by Felfire Challenges, you'll unlock Kael'thas' golden card for free.

  • You cannot disenchant the card, so don't expect a chunk of free dust!

This Week's Adventure - Trial by Felfire Challenges

Visit the Trial by Felfire Challenges Guide

We've got a new adventure up this week, or rather a subset of the Trial by Felfire adventure. This is a constructed experience which means we won't be relying on Blizzard's generosity to complete these missions without needing a collection. There are 9 bosses in total which can be found in 2 chapters. Here's links to all our boss pages which will contain more information as we work through the adventure.

Note: Wild cards are not usable in this adventure.

Chapter 1 - The Big and the Bad Bosses

Doom Lord Kazzak Card Image Gruul the Dragonkiller Card Image Magtheridon Card Image Supremus Card Image Teron Gorefiend Card Image

Chapter 2 - The Slithery and the Surly Bosses

Mother Shahraz Card Image Lady Vashj Card Image Kael'thas Sunstrider Card Image Illidan Stormrage Card Image

Share Your Trial by Felfire Challenges Decks

If you've successfully completed a boss, consider sharing your deck and knowledge with the community! Using our deckbuilder, you can add your creation to the site and tag it with the boss name. Decks will appear on our deck listing and boss pages themselves to make it easier for everyone to achieve victory. You can also optionally write a guide about how to beat the encounter with your deck, which we highlight recommend!

To add decks to the site for boss encounters:

  1. Visit the deckbuilder.
  2. Enter the deck string into the provided box, or choose your class and manually fill in the deck.
  3. Give your deck a good name. The archetype of your deck and the boss you're using it against is a good start.
  4. Change the "deck type" to Adventure.
  5. Set your deck's archetype. If it doesn't fit into one, you can select Unknown. If we're missing an archetype, please let us know!
  6. Select the Adventure Boss your deck it was built to defeat.

If you're looking for decks to help defeat a boss.

  1. Visit the Trial by Felfire Challenges Guide
  2. Click on a boss to learn more about them and to find community decks for defeating them.

If you successfully clear a boss, be sure to upvote the deck so others know it is worth their time. Also, share your decks in the comments below and on the relevant boss pages to help others find new strategies.