We've entered July and the new expansion is drawing ever closer, giving rise to some fun speculation also here on Out of Cards. But it's also weekend so we should take a break from daydreaming about the upcoming reveal season (or the potential upcoming nerfs) and look at some of the fun decks that our community members have shared with us.

Token Druid

Originating from the Chinese ladder, this Token list has helped Sirmikon climb out of the Legend dumpster. No minions needed as you'll have plenty of spells to generate some.

Big Shaman

Another Legend-worthy deck from kratzo who went big with this Shaman list. Ancestor's Call into Ancestral Spirit can be a devastating combo that a lot of classes aren't equipped to handle in the early stages of the game (I've had that happen to me).

Big Spell Mage

While the Shaman list had no minions below the 5-mana mark, this Mage list from Nona does the same with Spells. While the strategy might leave you vulnerable in the early game, it guarantees great targets for several Battlecries and Atiesh.

Odd Dragon Galakrond Priest

JFK has been tinkering with Odd Priest lately, and this list has been one of the more successful variants. Even Glitter Moth makes a rare appearance in this deck.

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Mecha'thun Demon Hunter

MarkMcKz continues to be as prolific as ever with his meme OTKs as he's closing in on 20 decks just after the latest nerf patch. With this particular list, he helped Illidan join the Mecha'thun fun that the other classes have had for some time now.

Shudderwock has also been a target of his latest creations, making them big with Wicked Skeleton or charging with Tanaris Hogchopper.

Looking to enter the Wild world of Outland? Take a look at these decks.

Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!