If you were wondering which Demon Hunter cards are out there that you haven't seen a whole lot of, no problem, we've got you covered!

Thanks to some data from HSReplay, we can see which Demon Hunter cards just haven't really gotten their chance to shine. Maybe they'll be better supported through the next expansion we're getting in August, or maybe we'll get lucky and further nerfs to the class will force them to see play. We don't know if we're going to get more Demon Hunter nerfs, but there will be an upcoming nerf patch before the next set.

Onto those cards!

The Least Popular Demon Hunter Cards

You likely haven't seen these very much. Shadowhoof Slayer has the highest deck winrate of all the cards and the only one above 50%. Stats can be found further below.

Shadowhoof Slayer Card Image Ur'zul Horror Card Image Fel Summoner Card Image

Feast of Souls Card Image Soul Split Card Image

Demon Hunter Deckbuilding Challenge

Can you build a Demon Hunter deck using any of these cards that has success on the ladder? Show us your decks in the comments below!