The new expansion announcement draws ever closer, but before that we get to enjoy yet another round of nerfs which could even impact the Wild side of Hearthstone. Before that, let's take a look at what our community members have been brewing up.

Ghoul Demon Hunter

SirHerpDerp doesn't have to worry about Demon Hunter nerfs as his delightfully different build doesn't run any of the impacted cards. Live up to the Demon Hunter flavor of sacrificing tokens and reap the rewards with various benefits that follow.

If you're ever looking for deck ideas, SirHerpDerp's deck collection has no shortage of them.

Galakrond Quest Rogue

Hoodedtomcat wanted some more draw for this Quest Rogue list, and Heistbaron Togwaggle and Galakrond himself should suffice. This list will be weakened by the nerfs so try it out while you can.

Deathrattle Hunter

Many needles, handle it! Yadeehoo unleashes the amazing power of Augmented Porcupine with a ton of Beast buffs and Deathrattle triggering mechanisms.

Yadeehoo's brewing didn't stop there, as he also shared a greedy Pocket Galaxy Mage and OTK Priest lists, among others.

Mecha'thun Priest

A solid list of an archetype you don't see too often from ja4nos. Stay alive with Awaken the Makers until you've emptied your deck and assembled the unstoppable exodia.

Even Conjurer Mage

Even Mage can be fun to play in Wild! The list seems to be an Outlandishly updated version of the deck Watermelon86 was playing shortly after the nerf of Conjurer's Calling.

Looking to enter the Wild world of Outland? Take a look at these decks.

Came up with something Outlandish yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!