After today's expansion teaser put out by Blizzard, several threads have made their way to reddit with possible leaks containing expansion information.

  • The expansion appears to be taking place in Scholomance, a school for Scourge Necromancers.
  • The name should be Scholomance Academy

Leak #1 - The Chinese Battlegrounds Logo

In a now-deleted post, a logo from an upcoming Battlegrounds event in China displayed a curious Mage wearing purple and golden robes and hat. This indicated something with magic had to be happening though itself didn't provide too much insight outside of assuming the clothing matched that of the Kirin Tor. Since we're talking about Scholomance though, a school that brings up new casters, it makes a lot of sense that we're seeing this mage.

This isn't the first time we've seen a leak out of China for a Battlegrounds event. The real question though, is this Celeste?

Leak #2 - Release Date, Press Info From China

More leaks from China, this time posted by jotarun. A partial part of an assumed press document with details on the new set. Here's what we were able to get from Google Translate.

  • The expansion is launching on August 5. (Assuming that is China time, so August 4 in the west)
  • There is some kind of shop addition coming on July 22.
  • There is a Naxxramas card back available with a pre-order.
  • Tess Greymane is being added to Battlegrounds.
  • There is a mention of the Tavern Pass continuing.
  • King Mukla and Brann Bronzebeard are coming back to Battlegrounds.
  • New Battlegrounds minion "Fusion Troll" at 6 Stars. "Each different type of tribe randomly evolves"

Additionally, Jotarun was able to provide these additional points:

  • Kel'thuzad Hero Portrait & Card Back
  • 2 Free Epic cards (login reward): Transferred Student

Leak #3 - Scholomance Academy Italian Logo Leaks

The Italian version of the upcoming "Scholomance Academy" was posted by idivashik, sourced from the website. Looks like someone is going to be in trouble.

We can see a shield similar to the one found on the card back.