It's that time of the reveal season again where we play bingo!

After a card that fits one of these categories is revealed, we'll cross the square off. If we get 5 in a line, we get a bingo. How many spaces do you think we'll cross off?

The Current Card

Here is the current card! Last updated on July 29 (3:30 PM Eastern).


Adorable Infestation

(Marsuul Cub)

Demon HunterDivine Rager 
Trick Totem Infiltrator LilianDevolving MissilesHeadmaster Kel'Thuzad
FirebrandBoneweb EggOnyx MagescribeJandice BarovTrueaim Crescent
Transfer Student Sneaky DelinquentWolpertingerDiligent Notetaker
Runic CarvingsShield of Honor   

Square Rulings

Let's go over some rules for the squares:

  • Year of the Phoenix - If any card has a phoenix in its art, we'll cross this one-off.
  • Ultra Cutie - If we get our "cute" card of the set, we'll cross this off.
  • DH OP AF OMG WTF - If we get a Demon Hunter card that appears to be way too OP, we'll cross this off (it doesn't actually need to be OP, just to appear as such).
  • Memey - If we get a card obviously designed for meme decks and nothing else, we'll cross this off.
  • Murlocs - If we get a Murloc for Paladin (for some godforsaken reason), we'll cross this off.
  • Random Spells - If we get a Mage card that generates or casts a random spell, we'll cross this off.
  • Silverback Family Reunion - If we get another card that is part of the Silverback Patriarch Family, we'll cross this off.
  • [blank square] - Can't see the text? Because it's in Stealth. If we get a Stealth Rogue card, we'll cross this off.
  • What? Thrall is Evolving - If we get a Shaman card that uses the evolve mechanic, we'll cross this off.
  • Pre-Order Hero As Collectible - If our pre-order hero turns out to be a collectible card in the set, we'll cross this off.
  • Old Set Callback - If we get a card that calls back to a previous set, we'll cross this off.
  • Disco Fever! - If we get a Warlock card that discards cards, we'll cross this off.
  • ITS SO FLUFFY! - If we get a Fluffy card, we'll cross this off.
  • Barov Family Fortune - If any members of the Barov family make an appearance in this set, we'll cross this off.
  • Consistently Inconsistent - Inconsistency is what Team 5 does best, and we will inevitably cross this off.
  • All Too Relatable - If we get a card that makes a real word reference to schools, we'll cross this off.
  • Back From The Dead! - If we get a Priest card that resurrects something, we'll cross this off.
  • Class Card In Disguise - If we spot a Neutral card that is so obviously made for one class in mind, we'll cross this off.
  • Handbuff Hunter - If Hunter gets a handbuff card in the set, we'll cross this off.
  • Breaking Class Weaknesses - If we get a card that goes against the "design philosophy" of the class, we'll cross this off.
  • Tree Time's The Charm - If we get a Treant Druid card, we'll cross this off.
  • What's the Damage? - If we get a Warrior card encouraging self-damage, we'll cross this off.
  • Totally Not Enrage - If we get a minion with the "while damaged" text, we'll cross this off.
  • Keyword Soup - If we get a minion that is a soup full of at least 3 passive keywords (i.e Zilliax, Al'Akir, Walking Fountain), we'll cross this off.
  • Pack Filler - When (not if) we get our pack filler card, we'll cross this off.

If we get a card that crosses off a bingo square, it might take a while before we update the card with the square crossed off. Have a bit of patience, please?

And also, a card can only cross off one square. If we get a card that fits for more than one square, we'll choose one of them to cross off, and the others will stay open.

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