June is over and July is here! If you win 5 ranked games this month you'll get the Shado-Pan card back all the way from Pandaria! Remember, it's your sacred duty to keep your negative emotions from overrunning your board.

Check out this month's card back, Shado-Pan, down below. Be sure to also check out our card back gallery for more card backs. If you need some help winning games, you can find some community created Hearthstone Decks to help you out!

And now, some time for bonus trivia!

  • The Shado-Pan are a secretive faction of Pandaren fighters with a ninja-like culture. They are sworn to protect the land and control the Sha.
  • The faction appear to be a reference to the Night's Watch of A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) as evidenced by quotes.
  • When clicking on Shado-Pan NPCs, two of their quotes are:
    • We are the watchers on the wall.
    • We are the sword in the shadows.
  • The Shado-Pan was originally made up of 100 warriors and was founded by Emperor Shaohao just before the Great Sundering.