July is almost over and Scholomance Academy is getting closer and closer! We're all excited to see the new toys this set will bring us, but in the meantime, don't forget to play some games and have fun.

If you want to try something fresh or already established archetypes but with a twist, here are some off-meta decks you should give a spin. Craft wisely and, as always, enjoy!

Deathrattle Carpet Rogue

This list features some underplayed cards such as Anka, the Buried, Anubisath Warbringer, (which wreaked havoc on ladder together with Necrium Apothecary just a few months ago) and Cursed Vagrant. Reduce the cost of your big Deathrattles with Anka (pretty much the cornerstone in this deck: you can't find a worthy substitute) and throw them at your opponents with Magic Carpet or use Teron Gorefiend for some easy mass-procs.

Funnily enough, Galakrond, the Nightmare's nerf actually created an interesting synergy with Magic Carpet that could be worth exploring.

Soup Zoolock

The OG Zoolock with Flame Imp, Voidwalker and Soulfire. With a sprinkle of Discard. And a sparkle of handbuff. And some spicy why are you hitting yourself? If you include every possible package in a deck, then the list must be nuts, right?


If you are a passionate fan of Murlocs like our Linkblade91, then you'll love the next two featured lists! The first one is pretty much a Discolock but... something's fishy...

Murloc Dragon Druid

Now that Fungal Fortunes got nerfed, it's time for Breath of Dreams, Druid's other broken early game spell, to shine. And that means only one thing: that's right gentlemen, we're playing Dragons Murlocs!

Have fun with underplayed units like Skyfin and Tasty Flyfish, but still win some games with Savage Roar and Ysera, Unleashed! Mrgllll glrrm gl!

If you've read until the very end, congratulations: there's still something! I hid a rather particular easter egg in the article: the first user that manages to find it will receive... absolutely nothing other than a well played! Let the hunt begin!