A new patch hit Hearthstone today and with it came some very interesting client data! We've got details to share for an upcoming Hearthstone brawl called Blackrock Crash!

Internally the brawl is referred to as EVIL Blackrock Mountain. Awesome.

What is Blackrock Crash?

You brought the city of Dalaran to ME? laughs in Nefarian

We only have a small glimpse into it so we're not 100% certain on everything here so keep that in mind. Yep, that's a datamined content warning.

With that out of the way, Blackrock Crash is a very interesting piece of content. It appears to be a Solo PvE Tavern Brawl that actually takes form as a Dungeon Run and will be available during this year's Fire Festival. From it, an old card back is returning, the Ragnaros card back, which is earned when you complete a run.

Old Season 12 Reward

There's also a second component, or at least that's what it appears to be, where the brawl takes form as a mega raid boss for Fireside Brawls. Much like when The Lich King was raided years ago with a combined health pool, the same seems to be the case for Ragnaros. Oh yeah, that Ragnaros has 15000 health.

Big Bad Ragnaros Card Image

Blackrock Crash Voicelines

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Nefarian: You brought the city of Dalaran to ME? laughs
  • Omnotron: Intruding city detected. Defenses activated.
  • Dr. Boom: I'm suitin' up!
  • Rafaam: How did we crash into A MOUNTAIN!? Seriously?
  • Dr. Boom: Hey! Runnin' into a mountain isn't an art, it's a SCIENCE!
  • Dr. Boom: Now to redocorate this place as my secret lair!
  • Hagatha: You might be evil but WE ARE LEGION!
  • Madamu Lazul: Everything happens for a reason. Even if it's an odd one.
  • Togwaggle: Silly mountain is more like molehill!
  • Rafaam: Promising! Very promising!

Blackrock Crash Quests

The brawl has some special quests associated with it. We're earning an old card back for completion of a run and some individual cards.

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Mountain Climber - You completed a run of Blackrock Crash!
  • Rockin' with Rafaam - You finished a run with Raffam!
  • No Brakes Drake - You won in under an hour!
  • E.V.I.L. Mastermind - You won in under 40 minutes!

Finishing a run requires defeating Ragnaros.

Blackrock Crash Heroes

You'll be playing as members of the League of E.V.I.L!

Quote From Out of Cards

  • Dr. Boom - Steal a city they said, it'll be fun they said.
  • Lazul - She should have seen it coming!
  • Togwaggle - Why are we stuck in giant candle!?
  • Hagatha - A curse upon you! A curse upon this mountain!
  • Rafaam - This is everyone's fault but mine!

Here are all the heroes alongside their hero powers.

Dr. Boom Card Image Overmine Card Image Madame Lazul Card Image Soothe Card Image

King Togwaggle Card Image Yoink! Card Image Hagatha Card Image Evolution Card Image

Rafaam Card Image Arch-Villainy Card Image

Blackrock Crash Bosses

There are eight bosses you will fight inside the Blackrock Crash. We don't know the exact order of them other than Ragnaros being last, but here they all are!

Highlord Omokk Card Image ME SMASH Card Image Baron Geddon Card Image Ignite Mana Card Image

Garr Card Image Magma Pulse Card Image Omnotron Defense System Card Image Activate Arcanotron Card Image

Onyxia Card Image Whelp Waves Card Image Vaelastrasz the Corrupt Card Image Essence of the Red Card Image

Nefarian Card Image Wild Magic Card Image Ragnaros the Firelord Card Image Molten Rage Card Image