It's the weekend again but this time something's different. This post is not a mere "five decks and out" kinda post but instead, to celebrate the new season (and possibly to apologize potential future neglect of Wild posts during the upcoming reveal season in advance), we have included decks from all nine classes.

Get ready, it's going to get Wild.

Druid (Mill N'Zoth)

The first deck comes from W0lfr1c who uses the awesome power of N'Zoth, the Corruptor to aid him with milling your opponent. Mill is definitely not one of my favourite play-styles but all is forgiven by including Malorne in the deck. Still one of the best voiceline + entrance animation combos in the game.

Mill is not your thing? What about larger and larger green men? Bluelights has updated Jade Druid with some Rise of Shadows cards.

Hunter (OTK)

Sometimes victory can be achieved by merely clicking a button. It just requires some minor setup as Kaverah shows with this Clockwork Automaton OTK. You just have to hope your opponent isn't a Warrior with 30 armor.

Want a more minion based deck? Check out Esparanta's Reno Dragon Hunter. Speaking of things that begin with "Esparanta's Reno Dragon"...

Mage (Reno Dragon)'s a Mage variant. It's equally awesome than the Hunter so feel free to try out both. The Mage one has Frost Lich Jaina though, so I know which one gets my vote.

Don't like Reno? Don't be crazy, everyone likes Reno. Check out magikman's new version of his popular Reno Mage list.

Paladin (Not Sure How To Call It)

Pa1nl0rd has come up with some proper Wild madness! Cheating out early Giants sounds something what Warlocks or Mages would do, but now Paladins join the fun. If that plan fails, don't worry: Pa1nl0rd has listed four alternative game plans depending how things play out.

On a budget but still want to taste the victory? Zertanix got you covered with this Odd Paladin list.

Priest (Weasel Quest)

Now here's a way of showing some love for your opponent: gift them some cute little Weasel Tunnelers like frosthearth does. They'll surely like it. If not, use Shadowreaper Anduin to ping them down.

Deck ID Not Found

Looking for something unexpected? Watermelon86 has created both Aggro Hobgoblin Priest and Even Priest. I'm pretty sure those aren't part of Blizzard's vision of Priest class identity...

Rogue (Miracle Giant)

Want a banana? Synesthesy uses a lot of cheap spells to bring down the cost of Arcane Giants, and with the aid of Valeera the Hollow and Lab Recruiters, has been able to go infinite with Giants.

Brutal efficiency is your cup of tea? Here's an Odd Rogue from HSReplay, sitting at almost 65% winrate at the time of writing.

Shaman (Menagerie)

In addition to wacky Priest decks, Watermelon86 has been tinkering with a multitribe-Shaman. The Curator and Zoobots couldn't quite keep the entire menagerie in check so some additional catching claws have also been included in the deck.

Do you Even Shaman? og0 decided to add Griftah to the list for extra fun factor.

Warlock (Renounce)

Does this even count as a Warlock deck if your gameplan is to ditch the class? What I can guarantee though is a new experience every game. Morkimus has also included some emergency buttons if things don't go your way. In Yogg we trust.

Want to actually play Warlock? BlueBanana has shared lists with both big Demons and small, more easily affordable Eggs.

Warrior (Togwaggle)

Let's wrap up this post with some glorious memes from LyraSilvertongue. Trick your opponent into taking a deck full of Choose Your Paths and use Skulking Geist to destroy them all. Classic Togwaggle. If you feel like you need some extra protection towards your own fatigue, you can try including Archivist Elysiana in the list, as MrTren has done.

Can't have too many flexplosions in one post, can you? Here's another Reno list from GrovesK.

Whew, you made it! Wait what, you still want more? Ok, ok, take a look at these Wild decks.

If you want to share your weapon of choice for the season, create a Wild deck and link it in the comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!