The holy light shall burn you! This pairing seems like one of the most obvious ones, so let's see how they tackled it!

I say it every time, but I like to make sure to reiterate it so that the message really sinks in - we are incredible, prophetic cephalopods that have taken a break from using our divine power of picking football teams at random in order to help you all figure out which cards you should be crafting, and which you can leave in the dust. Our success rate is 85.7% over a number of tests that is definitely statistically significant. Anyone who suggests otherwise is just unable to see the whimsy in the world.

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"They'll just resurrect it all anyway, what's the point?"

Quote From FearGralex

This is a pretty exciting control tool, particularly for Paladin. Priest has had solid AoE for a while, so this card will have some stiff competition, but Paladins have been needing some more control tools for a long time. It's somewhat comparable to Frost Nova, although you still take some damage and you're still vulnerable to attack buffs, but it is only one mana. Being able to shut off most of your opponent's attacks for just 1 mana is quite useful, allowing you to also make another sizeable play in the same turn. In scenarios where both players have a large board, this also allows you to set up some massive trades where you come out far ahead as well (I could see this happening a lot particularly in Arena). All in all, a solid niche card that can help enable some synergies for Priest and give new life to control strategies in Paladin.

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She finished the spell to raucous applause. The resulting strobe got her bonus points.

Quote From linkblade91

At 3-mana, Gift of Luminance can be compared to the Unidentified Elixir from Kobolds & Catacombs. While it lacks the +2/+2, you're instead getting two of the "side effects": the Divine Shield and a 1/1 copy. On the surface that seems fine, but it's really a question of "who are you looking to copy?" A 1/1 copy isn't that great unless the minion in question has a lasting effect or a strong Deathrattle. Sethekk Veilweaver, maybe, to double up on spells? Khartut Defender? How about Convincing Infiltrator, to troll your opponent even more? There's High Abbess Alura, of course, if your deck is really buff heavy. Priest has some intriguing targets, but I just don't know if I foresee a home for this card in Paladin right now.

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His reputation as teacher's pet is holy deserved.

Quote From Echo

Devout Pupil is essentially just a paladin/priest version of Thing from Below, which is pretty sweet if you ask me.  Pure Paladin has become fairly strong recently and with the help of Libram of Wisdom, Devout Pupil can start coming down fairly early if your actively trading with the opponent's minions. While not having as much of an easy time lowering the cost as Paladin does, Sethekk Veilweaver and Renew can both rapidly decrease the cost of it.  On the flip side, Paladin is not able to use the body as well as Priest is, only being able to use it as a tempo push, while Priest is able to have some extra fun with cards like Grave Rune, as seen in Cube Priest. It is just an overall solid card for both Priest and Paladin and its pretty sweet to see a card that can operate so differently depending on the class being played.

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This Paladin is very fond of Crystal Lion.

Quote From Echo

I absolutely love this card. I love cards that provide some form of deck-building challenge and rewards with a very powerful effect. I can feel this card playnig a similar role as Spiteful Summoner, where you generate spells to activate Alura through cards like Wandmaker or Cobalt Spellkin to cheat in powerful spells like Psyche Split, Mind Control or Libram of Hope for a powerful swing turn. Unfortunately there are not a ton of spell generators and so unfortunately this type of combo does not seem like it would be that competitive, but it is very and could make future large spells much easier to cast. Combo potential aside, this card feels like it is just decent all around and can easily be slot into the currently existing pure libram paladin and while some of the effects are not always desirable, like Libram of Justice, more often than not it will draw a card or summon a large minion on a fairly early turn.