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Wand Thief Card Image

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Nothing is safe from her wandering hands.

Quote From Demonxz95

Wand Thief is a very simple Mage/Rogue card, among the very first ones we saw actually. I'm going to put this card into three words: RUN THIS CARD. Run this card, it's an easy 5-star card for both classes. As a Rogue, it has inherent Burgle synergy giving you a Mage spell which are often the strongest in the game, and it's cheap and easy to use. This allows Rogue an easy access to strong AoE or direct damage. You could even Discover a Secret to use with Shadowjeweler Hanar. As a Mage, you won't be tempted to use it as a Combo activator either (since you obviously won't have Combo cards in your hand to activate other than possibly a second Wand Thief), and you're generating spells from a pool you're already familiar with. I don't see a place where there are any Mage or Rogue decks that aren't running two of these except for pure Spell Mage.

Brain Freeze Card Image

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What I want to know is where's the caveman?

Quote From Noxious

I like this. Not a particularly strong card, but a very versatile one. While needing an enabler card itself for the Combo effect, its low cost can act as an enabler card for other, stronger cards. The Freeze part of the card will certainly be better used by Mages to its full extent, though Rogues will certainly benefit from it as well, while the Combo part is an all-around good damage option early-on.

If I had to describe Brain Freeze - looking back at older cards - it's basically a Frostbolt. Same effect, one mana less - but you need to spend some mana (for most situations) beforehand before you can trigger the 3 damage. Mages might opt to just stick to Frostbolt, so I see this card as more of a Rogue card. Make no mistake, though - both classes have effects that benefit from slinging cheap cards around, so it might find its way into Mages as well - even though, for the most part, Mages have better options in the 1-mana category.

Potion of Illusion Card Image

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You don't even have to take this potion - it takes you!

Quote From Noxious

Potion of Illusion is the result of combining Echo of Medivh with a shrinking potion. The power of this card is directly proportional to what you manage to keep on your board long enough to cast it.

I remember the days of Echo of Medivh. It was slightly awkward to play perfectly, since keeping the cool minions alive long enough to also cast a 4-mana spell can be tough. This card might face the same issues, though it could also enable some powerful combos if discounted with Kael'thas Sunstrider. The shrinking of the minions to 1/1s that cost 1 is also a buff in my eyes; this allows you to focus on the minions with powerful effects and also be able to play them whenever necessary. An issue I had with Echo of Medivh was that those cards were still full cost, and would sometimes just end up not being played for the rest of the game as better cards came through from the deck.

With the shrink effect, you can get some absolutely rude cards like Dragonqueen, Alexstrasza, Kalecgos or Heistbaron Togwaggle to repeat their effects once again, to the point that the opponent might not be able to keep up with the constant value coming out of your hand.

Will it see play? Probably some. Personally, I think this card will truly shine only if its mana cost is discounted enough to drop some minions on the board and copy them on the same turn. Luckily, with the cards we have at our disposal this Standard year, it might just work.

Jandice Barov Card Image

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"Pick a minion, any minion. Wait, not that one!"

Quote From ShadowsOfSense

This is an interesting puzzle to try and work out. For every Blood Herald or Chromatic Egg, there's an Earth Elemental or Waxadred to balance it out.

At a quick glance, I'd say two 4/4s is a reasonable guesstimate for what you can expect from Jandice - with the caveat, of course, that one of them will fall to any incidental damage. That you get to pick which one is cursed is a huge boost to the potential of the card; at least if Blood Herald does pop up you get an easy choice for which one to burden. The majority of the time you'll be looking at a very reasonable outcome from this effect. Unfortunately, for as fun as the potential to highroll is, I don't really see much of a place for this in either Rogue or Mage. Mage prefers inherently synergistic minions that can work with or benefit from their spells, while Rogue is all about efficiency and removal, neither of which Jandice provides with any degree of certainty.

I do like that Jandice is actually a detriment to her own ability, as she can summon her own incredibly frail body with her Battlecry. Can't wait to see who gets to be the unlucky first person to record a triple Jandice.