What's the school equivalent of becoming a Paladin? Hall monitor?

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First Day of School Card Image

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"Hope you get a good roommate; I was stuck with a Zombie Chow..."

Quote From Avalon

In the last few months Pure/Libram Paladin heavily relied Aldor Attendant as an opening play, to follow with other good cards like Hand of A'dal: premium stats and very good effect. The problem was when the player was not able to get a favorable mulligan a was forced to a weak early game. Well, this spell perfectly solves this problem: we haven't done the math (yet), but it is reasonable to assume that the average 1 mana minion is roughly a 1/2 with an upside effect, which is decent to open the match with. I'll be surprised if this card won't make the cut in any future list.

Judicious Junior Card Image

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"How hard can it be? The course is all just Light reading."

Quote From Demonxz95

It's not every day that you see a class card like this, with just one word on it. In any case, Judicious Junior is a bit of an oddball card to talk about. In Arena, this card is great. 4/9 for 6 is a pretty good statline, and it's able to tank some hits and take out some minions, and the Lifesteal might help you out in some games. I'd say this card is definitely great for Paladins in Arena.

In Constructed though, the fate of this card is a little less clear. While it's surely still good at what it does, the ways of answering it for your opponent are more prominent. Despite its simplicity, there's quite a bit this card could do in a game. I wouldn't be surprised to see this card fall off of Constructed, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it sees some success somewhere.

Goody Two-Shields Card Image

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Some would say two shields is overkill. She would say that was a different expansion.

Quote From linkblade91

This looks like a fun card. Utilizing a buff spell or something like First Day of School, you can easily trigger the Spellburst to reapply the Divine Shield; this makes Goody Two-Shields a really sticky minion in the early game. Unless your opponent devotes time to fully clear this minion, you have all the control of when to lose the DS and when to gain it back. It's unfortunate that it lacks Rush and/or some other way to attack immediately; otherwise this would be a 6/5 stars card for sure. I suppose you could always use Duel! lol…

Blessing of Authority Card Image

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Detentions at Scholomance only last a turn.

Quote From Noxious

This card instantly reminds me of Dinosize, but at half the cost and half the destruction (the latter half is only true for half of two turns).

It's… nasty. A minion receiving such a huge buff on turn 5 could be devastating - few classes have enough good removal at that stage to get rid of it the very next turn. It's a buff that instantly calls for a Silence effect or a Polymorph, with no other real counter if played early (aside from Poisonous).

I'd honestly expect this card to show up in all sorts of Paladin decks. For just one extra mana, and a one-turn bar on going face, this card gives double the buff of Blessing of Kings. Insane.

Argent Braggart Card Image

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"I know you are, but so am I!"

Quote From linkblade91

I saw some confusion regarding how this minion plays out, but from my understanding the Argent Braggart takes the best Attack and best Health on the board, even if they're not the same target. If Dragonqueen Alexstrasza and Ysera were on the board together, the Braggart would come out as an 8/12 for 2-mana. This of course sounds amazing, but without any means to engage the board straight away (Rush, Taunt, anything really), you're looking at a stat-stick. If you're trying to copy the stats of your opponent's minion(s), you need some other way to get rid of them so-as-to avoid getting smacked next turn by the very threats you just copied. Subdue would go a long way, or Libram of Justice + some clearing, although you're still looking at a multi-card combo. At least you'll have the mana to do it later on in the game, so that's something.

Turalyon, the Tenured Card Image

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He probably shouldn't be here, but what's he gonna miss teaching for a few semesters?

Quote From FearGralex

This card does harken back to the glory days of Sunkeeper Tarim, but unfortunately for Paladins I don't think this card is quite as strong. What it does well is eliminate single opposing threats, and this can certainly be VERY powerful if it sticks around for more than a turn. This is the kind of card that demands removal in the right situation, but there can also be cases in control mirrors where it's useless against a sticky Deathrattle threat, or comes down too late to make a difference against aggro. I think that this card will most likely see play as a top-end for a midrange deck like Pure Paladin, and it can certainly be very good at crushing a big Taunt to help you close out the game.

This card is also just an absolute beating in Arena, holy moly.

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