The new expansion is almost here! If you're looking for something Wild to try out with the new cards, our community members got you covered. In this post, we'll showcase some Scholomance Academy-inspired Wild decks for all ten classes.

Demon Hunter

Due to the more limited card pool Demon Hunters started with, every new expansion is bound to increase the power level of the Highlander variants more than in the case of other classes. Here's dogScraw's take on the archetype.

Token strategy also saw some further support in the set as seen in MrRhapsody's theorycraft list here.


Richman saw the potential in Druid's new cheap tools to create this list that starts with tokens and swaps to Mecha'thun win condition when needed.

Lorekeeper Polkelt has seen a fair bit of tinkering as well, like in melon101's Astral Druid and MrRhapsody's Twig Breaker Druid.


Even more Polkelt! Sparkinarius has put together this low-curve Deathrattle deck, in which the Lorekeeper will help to draw the deck's power plays.

Voltaire27 went all-in with Beasts in this theorycraft deck to get the maximum Shan'do Wildclaw value.


Jan'alai, the best loa makes a triumphant return in WhatAChamp's deck which takes advantage of all the Hero Power synergy cards printed over the years.

No offence to Dorkpork, but this list should be titled "The Deck We Don't Want To See Played". Yes, it's Quest Mozaki.


Here's an aggressive Paladin list full of cheap sticky minions, which ThatBird intends to buff into annoyingly large sticky minions. The amount of Divine Shields here almost makes me think this class could have more flavorful aggro-archetypes instead of Murlocs...

Another archetype that is undoubtedly going to see some tinkering with Polkelt beyond QPC123's list as well: Holy Wrath Paladin.


Both SaltyMcNulty and Helios had the same idea: to steal your opponent's deck with Mindrender Illucia and Brann Bronzebeard. Does the interaction even work like that? Only time (and potential dev comments on Reddit) will tell.

Gandling sure didn't guess that Kamouh would task him to discipline some Eggs, but here we are.


The combo potential with Academic Espionage followed by Secret Passage is definitely one of my favourite Scholomance ideas I've seen so far (that is until I get brutally destroyed by it, in which case I'll blame ExtraDeathX for it as this was the first list I saw it in).

Rogues got a lot of weapon synergies this expansion. If only they had like this big, indestructable weapon with which they could capitalize on those. I'm sure Loknax would be happy to tinker with that.


It might seem Odd that Spell Damage Shaman is something tinkered by many, like Watermelon86 and Loknax. It certainly brings something fresh to Shaman's arsenal, and Blizz is clearly pushing to that direction as well.

Lightning Bloom(s) + Ancestor's Call into a 10-drop, gg lol. Unlike Blizzard, Vander clearly saw the potential horrors ahead...and embraced them.


This deck is all about Flesh Giants. Turn those neverlucky moments with Mad Bombers and such into pure profit and laugh menacingly with theo333 as your board gets filled with free 8/8s.

Gandling smashing Eggs? I'm having a proper deja vu here. To be fair, MrRhapsody's list is clearly rocking that Cubelock core as well.


Our very own Avalon has created this Even list that can quickly build up some armor and drop the Bladed Gauntlet + Steeldancer combo to completely surprise your opponent.

Dorkpork has been trying to teach Grim Patrons to fly with broomsticks, and it has taken a lesson or two so far.

Already enrolled and planning to research further for Day 1? Check some more Wild decks here.

Came up with something yourself? Create a Wild deck and share it in the comments below. Don't forget to teach others with a guide!