The new expansion has arrived! We already took a look at some community theorycrafted decks during the week, and it's time to take another gaze upon some Scholomance-flavored options to take for a spin on the Wildest ladder of Hearthstone.

Even Priest

The Light shall burn you! Richman loaded this deck with Auchenais to turn your healing into damage. And if those pesky Giants keep hiding in your deck, Polkelt can fetch them for you.

Even Warlock

Did someone order Polkelt with Even more Giants? If you manage to stay alive with all that furious tapping, ChocolateChipCooke's deck isn't lacking the power to finish games quickly with a handful of 8/8s.

Control Shaman

It's like a gathering of all big Shaman spells! This list from stewartpid is certainly loaded for the biggest possible King Phaoris, with The Fist of Ra-den and Shudderwock backing up that game plan.

Highlander Mage

The name of Stibium's deck sums up what to expect from it: plenty of Freeze effects alongside strong Dragons and the usual Highlander package. Hearthstone devs must be happy to see someone actually using Shatter, which could certainly work well alongside Brain Freeze and Ray of Frost.

OTK Priest

Rather creative use of Mindrender Illucia from Helios, who isn't looking for combo disruption but instead extending the reach of this OTK combo deck with some clever spell copying by Lorewalker Cho. Some Thaurissan assembly required.

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