We've got seven awesome decks to share with you today from legend players around the world. With us being a few days into Scholomance Academy now, we're starting to see decks get refined which makes crafting cards much safer. Speaking of crafting cards, have you seen our picks for potential nerf candidates?

If you're looking for something else to play, head on over to our Hearthstone deck listing for more Scholomance Academy decks created by pros, streamers, and the community. If you want to see your personalized crafting cost on decks you'll find on Out of Cards, be sure to install our plugin for Hearthstone Deck Tracker!

Gallon's Aggro Rogue

Feno's Lightforged / Pure Paladin

Hunterace's Malygos Druid

Crane333's Tempo Mage

Swagoi's Quest Shaman

古明地觉's Highlander Priest

BobbyEx's Aggro Demon Hunter