HSReplay.net put out a list of the top 5 Legendary cards in Scholomance Academy and today we'll not only be reporting on that but also commenting on our card predictions with respect to them. We've included some decks you can take for a spin that make use of these fine and not at all overpowered cards.

We have updated the scores from the original time they were taken. The new values will be seen throughout the post with the old ones being available at the end.

#5 - Rattlegore

Rattlegore takes the last-place finish on this list, though being in the top five is a wonderful feat so it shouldn't be disappointed.

Rattlegore Card Image

With 4.1% of decks making use of the pure Warrior legendary, almost three times less than our number one pick, Rattlegore still remains a strong card with crazy staying power, though wasn't rated very well coming out with an overall score of 52 with our voting data from pre-expansion.

Looking to play Rattlegore yourself? Here's a somewhat popular list of Big Warrior that includes this delightfully annoying minion. Just remember, never keep this card in your opening hand!

#4 - Lorekeeper Polkelt

In fourth, we've got Lorekeeper Polkelt. He just barely missed our compendium list with an overall score of 71, so rated relatively highly by the community!

Lorekeeper Polkelt Card Image

Game stats put our Lorekeeper friend just a bit above Rattlegore at 4.7% of decks making use of the card. If you want something fun to play, BobbyEx took it for a spin in Aggro Demon Hunter this past weekend and it is quite a fun list! Lorekeeper combos perfectly with bringing Skull of Gul'dan to the top of your deck, letting you easily activate the Outcast cost reductions. Mana cheating gone wild!

#3 - Mozaki, Master Duelist

We're climbing up in the ranks of legendary popularity with the new Mage card, Mozaki, Master Duelist sitting comfortably in the middle.

Mozaki, Master Duelist Card Image

If you're seeing mage on ladder, you're likely running into Mozaki with its 6.3% inclusion in all decks. Spell Damage Mage can be quite fun, and on a personal note was one of the decks I was most excited about, so if you're wanting to give it a go and a craft, you should check out this list from Crimsonpanda.

Oh, and before you check that out, this card was only rated an average of 57 by the community, not even cutting into the top 3 cards for Mage.

#2 - Speaker Gidra

8.9% of all decks. Speaker Gidra is a very popular legendary on ladder but still has room to grow when compared to our number 1 slot - more on that in a moment.

Speaker Gidra Card Image

If you played on launch day, Gidra most likely caught you a little off guard initially. Druid, and Shaman, hit a slam dunk with the ability to grow this card into some huge stats early on with its mana cheating capabilities. The community here on Out of Cards ended up rating this a 66, so at least we're going in the right direction when compared to Mozaki.

If you want to play with Gidra, it feels like a very safe craft at this point and the worst-case scenario is it gets nerfed and you get your dust back. Check out this Malygos Druid deck from Hearthstone World Champion, Hunterace.

#1 - High Abbess Alura

The mighty High Abbess Alura is top dog in the Scholomance Academy popularity contest. It is a steep jump from 5 to 1 with Alura being played in 12.4% of decks! 

High Abbess Alura Card Image

Unfortunately for us, Alura didn't even make the top 5 in the multiclass highlights in our compendium with a score of only 66, the same as Gidra. Meanwhile, Forest Warden Omu, who was rated third of all legendaries in the set at 77, is only seeing play in 2.4% of decks. Perhaps Alura's time at the top won't be for long, but Paladin is crushing it right now and the ridiculous buffs that go out make for some fun turns if you aren't on mobile.

If you want to destroy your fellow Hearthstone players on ladder, Feno has a great Lightforged Paladin list that Alura stars in. Craft this card, you won't have any regrets.

Verdict: Are We Surprised?

Not entirely! Rattlegore definitely was an outlier with the community not putting much focus onto the card during the time before Scholomance came out, but things could change at any moment since the Scholomance meta is still so new. We've already seen Rattlegore drop a little bit in popularity while Paladin's Alura continues to climb.

Don't let lists like these make you rethink playing any of your current favourite legendary cards though - play to have fun and go through the deckbuilding process to make something you can be proud of.

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