In this midweek Wild special, we'll take a look at how our old friend Baku the Mooneater has adapted to the life in Scholomance Academy with the help of our community members. Be wary, things might get quite aggressive!

Odd Shaman

Here's a deck from the very top end of the ladder. Anura's list has a tad of Totems, chunk of aggro, and a couple of Arcane Watchers to spice up the mix.

Odd Demon Hunter

Would you believe you can reach Legend with Odd Demon Hunter? I would too. Here's MrRhapsody's list which he used to complete the climb.

Odd Token Druid

RavenSunHS certainly went with a low curve with this list that has a whopping 23 1-Cost cards. You'll have no excuses for not having anything to play on your first turn.

Odd Rogue

This Odd archetype was certainly one of the big winners of the expansion. Secret Passage gave the deck a proper power spike, and sense124 also included Cutting Class for some additional cheap draw.

Odd Paladin

Kurienno knows the drill: spam Silver Hand Recruits until your opponent can't handle them anymore. With the help of Baku's new BFF Tour Guide, you can start doing that already on turn 1.

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Got a list of your own to share? Create a Wild deck and post it in the comments below. Don't forget to educate others with a guide!