The weekend has arrived and so is our weekly Wild post with some decks from the community. Our wonderful members have once again shared some interesting decks for us to take a look at. Don't forget to visit the deck pages for the full guides!

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Mill C'Thun Rogue

We'll start with a slightly different take on the usual Mill Rogue. Lachlion has replaced all those boring Coldlight Oracle-copying cards with The Great Eye and some of its loyal disciples to make a deck that's a lot more fun to play. Spirit of the Shark can either help you build up that C'Thun or enable an even more explosive finish.

Reno Mecha'thun Warlock

Keeping the theme but changing over to a more metallic version of C'Thun. HyperOrange has included Reno Jackson and Kazakus in the deck with the idea of getting rid of the duplicates with Hemet, Jungle Hunter. Just make sure you don't destroy both your Bloodblooms or the match gets a lot more difficult.

Deathrattle Hunter

For those wondering what to do with that golden Recurring Villain obtained from this week's brawl, ARES has the answer! Dress your Villain up all fancy with Explorer's Hat and he's not going anywhere any time soon. Add Da Undatakah to the mix and let the deathrattle madness ensue.

Handbuff Paladin

Now here's an interesting take on Handbuff Paladin from ShanghaiKid, opting to include some early game enrag...I mean "has +X Attack while damaged"-minions. Your opponent doesn't want to make that chicken angry.

Big Shaman

Lastly, a gaze to the wonders of Twitter. Everything's bigger in Wild, even Shamans, as Damnringer shows with his Legend-worthy build. Don't let the Priests have all the fun!

If you're still yearning for more, take a look at these Wild decks to see if you find something that fits you better.

If you came up with your own homebrew, create a Wild deck and share your creation in comments below. Don't forget to write a guide!