A plethora of Battlegrounds changes are arriving in the next Hearthstone update. Here they all are!

Minion Updates


  • Gentle Megasaur has been removed from the Battlegrounds minion pool.
  • Arcane Cannon has been removed from Battlegrounds minion pool.

Stat Changes

  • Rabid Saurolisk now has 4 Attack (Up from 3).
  • Monstrous Macaw now has 4 Attack and 3 Health (Up from 3/2)
  • Mama Bear now has 4 Attack and 4 Health (Down from 5/5)
    • The effect now gives Beasts +4/+4.
    • Tavern Tier moved from 6 to 5
  • Goldrinn, the Great Wolf now gives minions +5/+5 (Up from +4/+4)

Tier Updates

  • Rat Pack is now in Tier 3 (Up from Tier 2).
  • Pack Leader is now in Tier 2 (Down from Tier 3).
  • Primalfin Lookout is now in Tier 4 (Down from Tier 5)
    • Now only Discovers minions from your current Tavern Tier or below.


  • Nat Pagle, Extreme Angler - After this attacks and kills a minion, add a random minion to your hand.

Hero Updates

  • [REMOVED] Lady Vashj has been removed from the Battlegrounds Hero pool.
  • [NERF] Captain Eudora's Buried Treasure Hero Power now starts with 5 Digs left (Up from 4).
  • [BUFF] Reno Jackson's Gonna Be Rich! Hero Power now costs 0 (Down from 2)
  • [BUFF] The Lich King's Reborn Rites Hero Power now costs 0 (Down from 1)
  • Galakrond's Greed Hero Power now freezes the minion added to Bob’s Tavern.