Opened that one legendary nobody seems to be playing? Worry not, as today we'll take a look at some off-meta decks including some of the least popular legendaries from Scholomance Academy by using both the data from and our community members' expertise.

DISCLAIMER: Take caution while crafting cards for these decks. Results may vary.

Control Warlock (with Archwitch Willow)

It's not the biggest of surprises that Willow ended up as one of the least played legendaries given the current Demon pool available to Warlocks in Standard. However, that didn't stop QPC123 from creating this Dragon-heavy list that also utilizes the new Soul Fragment mechanic.

FunkiMonki has also had some success with a Handlock list featuring Willow.

Combo Hunter (with Professor Slate)

Another legendary from the very bottom of the popularity chart. Finding a home for Slate wasn't simply enough for YourPrivateNightmare, as the list also houses Arcane Fletchers and Beastmaster Leoroxx. Further info about the deck can be found in this thread.

Soul Demon Hunter (with Star Student Stelina)

If I wasn't this humble, I would brag about being right about Stelina not being the meta breaker some people feared it would be. Regardless, MisterKnott has found a potential home for the Star Student, alongside Soul Fragments and the other new disruption tool, Glide.

Zoolock (with Disciplinarian Gandling)

I must admit that I almost shrugged zvp's deck off as a pure meme until I saw this Gandling Zoolock on HSReplay that also ran both Wisp and Desk Imp while sitting pretty at a 50% winrate (Bronze to Gold). The meme might pack more punch than expected.

Big Paladin (with Turalyon, the Tenured and Keymaster Alabaster)

Two birds with one stone! This deck has been the best performing list for both aforementioned legendaries according to HSReplay's (in this case rather sparse) data. At least if we count out the Libram Paladin list that decided to run Turalyon as well, but that's obviously winrate cheating.

Quest Hunter (with Ace Hunter Kreen and Vectus)

This list has been performing rather well in the Bronze-Gold region, so it might have what it takes to climb higher as well. Vectus will be a decent help with progressing the Quest even if you have to settle for Hench-Clan Hogsteeds for the Whelps' Deathrattles.

Highlander Tempo Mage (with Vectus)

I find this combination of the new Spell Damage/Tempo Mage and Highlander Mage quite curious. And what's even weirder is that it currently has a healthy 60% winrate (Bronze-Gold). I guess it just shows how ridiculously strong Zephrys and Reno are if you can afford to sacrifice consistency, Mana Cyclones, and Mana Giants for the duo.

Searching for even more Scholomance Academy decks? Look no further!

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