Hearthstone's Associate Game Designer, Cora, has provided confirmation on how Arena is going to work with the new progression system coming with Hearthstone's Battle Pass.

  • Playing in the Arena will earn you experience towards the Battle Pass.
  • Arena will retain its own reward structure.
  • You are earning rewards in both Arena and the Battle Pass by playing Arena in the new progression system.

Quote From Cora

My favorite mode is arena which Blizzard mostly ignores. I pay for my arena runs with gold…no way I would pay cash. What is going to happen to paying for arena with gold? I'll be gone if I can't play arena anymore.

Playing arena in the new system will earn you a comparable amount of experience to the other game modes towards earning gold and rewards. You'll earn gold in the new system and can still use that gold for arena. You don't have to pay anything. (Source)

I'm currently a 6,5 average wins arena player. I don't pay much to go really far in arena and can even sometimes gain gold from arena runs. Talking about a comparable amount to the other game modes i assume this will no longer be the case? I appreciate your work.

Nah rewards from the battle pass are entirely separate from Arena rewards. You'll still get rewards depending on how well you do in an arena run. You'll also be getting experience towards rewards in the battle pass from playing arena games. (Source)